Search Engine Submission Tips

Search Engine Submission (Part II of Search Engine Optimization Strategy)

[Before submitting your site to the search engines or directories, make sure that your site is completely ready for it! We strongly recommend that you read the first part of this article (for more information on how to prepare your site for search engine submissions) and then move on to the search engine submission steps. For the first part of this article, click here:
search engine submission and optimization strategy

Another very important part of the search engine optimization strategy is search engine submission. Here, we will first cover submission to the crawler-based search engines. We will then move on to directory submissions. Once you have researched the keywords, edited the meta tags and the page content, increased your link popularity score and you are satisfied with the performance, it is time for search engine submission.

We highly recommend search engine submission by hand. You will come across a lot of great software that will claim to automate the task of search engine submission. However, we still insist on submission by hand. This is because some search engines explicitly state that they do not authorize automatic submission, while others silently penalize those using automatic submitters.

When it comes to search engine submission and registration, submit your web pages individually. Do not submit all of them in a day. At Search Engine Optimization Ethics, we believe that you should submit only one page per day. You should not submit more than twice in a week. However, at a maximum, you can submit 3-5 web pages per day.

If there are many web pages to submit, manual submission may be time-consuming. However, treat this time as an investment for your business. You web site and online business might have taken several weeks to build, so why not invest a few more minutes in order to submit it to the search engines by hand? When you directly submit to the search engines, you know that you can’t go wrong.

Free Vs Paid Search Engine Submission

In most search engines, submission is free. However, it may take some time to get listed in the search engine results. Some of the search engines offer paid inclusion programs. You may use these if you are in a hurry to get listed, but remember, free listings are still possible. It just takes a little more time.

However, please be aware that these “paid inclusion” programs are for getting indexed in the search engines quickly. But, you do not have any control how your web site will be ranked in the search engine results.

Remember that the engines will regularly discard submissions without even processing them, specially the free ones. Once you submit, wait for a few weeks and if you find that your pages have not been indexed, re-submit them. Re-submission ensures a higher probability of having atleast one of your submissions being accepted.

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