Facebook PPC

In order to attract more advertisers that are interested in using the revolution known as social networking to their advantage Facebook has started offering a brand new pay per click program.  This program, called Facebook social ads, is a great way for advertisers to run targeted ad campaigns on one of the most popular, and active, social networking sites available today.  The Facebook pay per click program is extremely affordable and fairly easy to use.

It is easy for someone who is new to pay per click programs to be fooled into believing that setting up a facebook advertiser account will guarantee a flood of quality traffic to their web site.  What pay per click advertisers have to remember is the purpose of a pay per click program is not to drive random traffic to a web site.  The purpose of a pay per click campaign is to bring targeted traffic to a web site that can be converted into customers or subscribers.

Facebook PPC Management is a great option for those that are new to the world of pay per click campaigns or for those that have not had very much success with pay per click campaigns in the past.  A Facebook PPC Management company will be able to determine where you have been going wrong during your past pay per click campaigns and help keep you from spending money on a campaign that will not work.  Using a Facebook PPC Management service will ensure that you get the most out of your Facebook pay per click campaign.

Why Use Facebook Social Ads?

Google is, and will always be a great place to advertise your product, service, affiliate program or offer, but competition is fierce and many people go broke using Google Adwords if they dont understand it. There are hundreds of how to make money with adwords manuals for people to learn from and many people make alot of money doing this.

Adwords started to get popular between 3-5 years ago and if you were using the Internet and were a pretty clued up marketer back in those days, then you would have made a lot of money!

Now, imagine if you were around when Google first launched its PPC network and you had the knowledge that you have today. How much money do you think you could make? Well…….. If you take notice of this and all subsequent articles, blog posts and manuals that will be hitting the web soon, then you could be in at the beginning of a brand new phenomenon! FaceBook’s PPC Advertising Platform.

Facebook is different, its growing by 100,000 users per day, most people use it, its becomming part of peoples daily life, and its fun!

Facebook PPC

A Bit Of Background About Facebook

Facebook applications have been quietly, spreading virally inside the Facebook user base and have skyrocketed the number of users to around 50 million people who check their Facebook accounts twice per day! Facebook Provides an interface over the top of the Internet, similar to the way that windows does with your computer.

Many people online are getting fed up with the spam that enters their email box, the pop ups that appear in their browsers and the sales letters and spam pages they stumble upon when looking for valuable information. These people are?moving over to Facebook to conduct their daily business, information finding and social networking because they dont get bombarded with all the things that the regular Internet platform throws at you.

Facebook’s Social Graph

The benefit of Facebook is that it uses a Social Graph. Meaning that you only get messages from your friends and other people within your own little friendship circle. This cuts out the spam, junk and pop ups and makes for a safer and more friendly user experience.

Facebook Applications have meant that pretty much anything you can do on the Internet, can now be done on Facebook within the safety of your own little network.

Facebook Applications

With a single glance, you can see exactly what your friends have been up to in the last few days by using the News Feed at the top of your Facebook home page.

Facebook PPC Advertising If you take the time to learn about Facebook’s PPC advertising platform TODAY, you will be putting yourself in a great position for the future. The platform will expand and grow over the next few years into a new monster marketing and money making tool!

( It Launched November 2007) Advertising on Facebook has been available for a long time, but only in the form of CPM (Cost per thousand) impressions. This means that everytime your advert is displayed on a page, this counts as one impression and just because your advert is displayed, it doesn’t mean that its going to get clicked, and you may end up losing money this way.

Facebook released their PPC Advertising Platform. This is demographic Pay Per Click Advertising with keyword or keyphrase based targetting in November.

Demographic advertising can be done with Pay Per Click in facebook.

Facebook PPC ads will help to:

  • Use Advanced Targeting
  • Target by age, gender, location, interests, and more.
  • Use Content Integration
  • Get our ads noticed, not skipped.
  • Take Advantage of Flexible Pricing Structures
  • Buy clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM).
  • Use Trusted Referrals
  • Attach friend-to-friend interactions about your business to your ads.

Benefits of a FaceBook Ad

  • The headline is limited to 25 characters
  • You can put an image or photo in the advert
  • The body copy can be like a paragraph and can contain more words than a Google Ad (135 characters)
  • You can link to an external site, or you can link to your facebook pages page (if you are a commercial entity).

Where Will My Adverts Appear?

Your Social Ads will appear either within a user’s News Feed as sponsored content or in the ad space along the left column of the site.

Word of Warning

Before you start any advertising campaign, make sure you read Facebook’s Terms and Conditions and Advertising Guidelines. Facebook are much stricter than Google and if your ads violate their terms and conditions, they will pull the ads down straight away.

Facebook PPC Set Up Rate: 100/hr

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